Built in 1967 for the U.S. Track National Championships, the Alpenrose Velodrome has lived a storied life. Hosting weekly races all summer long, the only 6-Day race left in America, the 1989 U.S. National Championships, Alpenrose remains to be one of the most technical tracks in the states that is not for the timid. However, with no outside funding all repairs must be paid for by fund raising through the Alpenrose Velodrome Committee... and now us.

Most recently the front + back straightaways were replaced in 2012 and in 2015 a new apron was installed. This is where you can help share your support- if you love to race the track yourself or just admire the discipline, your purchase of these socks provides the means for funding remaining balances and future repairs. Please click the link for which pair of socks you would like to purchase and the majority of the proceeds from the sale will go straight to the Alpenrose Velodrome Committee. 

Most of us that race Alpenrose have left our blood, sweat, + tears  out there and never take for granted the costs and struggles applied to the development and upkeep of a velodrome. Thank you very much for your help.